Marcus Island - Smart Island - Kyal Leik Island - Bailey Island - La Ngan Island - Wa-ale Island - Lampi Island - Ma Kyone Gallet Village - Kha Yin Kwa Isaland - Cock Comb Island - Kawthaung

MD - 4002 (5 Days 4 Nights)

Day (1) – Myeik -Marcus Island – Smart Island

Day (2) _ Smart Island _ Kyal Leik Island – Bailey Island _ La Ngan Island

Day (3) _ Wa – ale Island ၊ Lampi ( Marine National Park)၊ Ma Kyone Gallet Village

Day (4) _ Kha Yin Kwa Island, Cock Comb Island, Kawthaung

Day (5) _ Kawthaung – Myeik

Day (1)

(1) Marcus Island

  • Marcus Island the first island to become a popular destination in Myeik. It is a small but enchanting island with one long white-sanded beach, any many activities offered by the main restaurant. There’s the chance to go kayaking, snorkeling , hiking up the hill for stunning sunset views, sun-bathing on comfortable beach bed, enjoying delicious local cuisine and fresh drinks under the shade of the local restaurant, and also doing some shopping at the little artifacts shop. It is one of the most appreciated islands of the archipelago as it allows for a full day of exciting activities and relaxation.

(2) Smart Island

  • Smart Island is a little jewel. It features two main beaches and many small ones to discover. One of the two main beaches is very unique to this archipelago as it is made of pebble stones, making for picture perfect landscapes and great for snorkeling in clear waters. There are no bars or restaurants but it gives a feeling of a real tropical paradise.

Marcus Island – Smart Island

Day (2)

(1) Kyal Leik Island

  • A real gem on the western-most part of the archipelago. With its crystal clear waters and pristine coral reefs, it is perfect for wonderful snorkeling, swimming activities and nice long walks on its powdery white beach.

(2) Bailey Island

  • It is nice to fish and fishing island and it is good for snorkeling.

(3) La Ngan Island

  • La Ngan Island have living Slone people and we can explore traditional of Slone people. And then Swimming, a good place for Snorkeling ,Sun-bathing and we can do other activities.

Kyal Leik – Bailey – La Ngan Island

Day (3)

(1) Wa – ale Island

  • It has Wa- ale Resort. Good for relaxing and can do other activites.

(2) Lampi Island

  • Lampi (Marine National Park) is most interesting place in Myanmar there have beautiful long white sandy beach and many natural resources. It was declared ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003.Activities are kayaking through mangrove channel, swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling and others.

(3) Ma Kyone Galat Village

  • Myeik Archipelago should be able to visit the traditional nature of the Moken people in the world known as Sea Gipsy.

Lanpi Island – Ma Kyone Galat Village

Day (4)

(1) Kha Yin Kwa Island

  • Kha Yin kwa Island is very famous in Myanmar because like Maldives beach. We make lots of fun with activies (hiking, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, swimming, sun-bathing, spa and others).

(2) Cock Comb Island

  • People knowns as Cock Comb Island. It was resembled a great rock vertically out of the sea only visible at low tide that leads to a hidden lagoon. Kayaking along the outer rocky wall and discover beautiful coral reefs in the crystal clear water and rock ceiling.

Kha Yin Kwa Island – Cock Comb Island

Day (5)

(1) Kawthaung

  • In the morning, Sight Seeing in Kawthaung and the afternoon come back to myeik.


At (7:30) A.M, our regional tour guide will picks you up from hotel to jetty. At (8:00) A.M the island trip will start. First we visit to Marcus Island . We can enjoy lunch with fresh seafood on the Marcus Island . Second day after breakfast we will continue to Smart Island. Smart Island is good for snorkeling and swimming. And then go to the Baliey Island. We can enjoy lunch on the cruise boat. After, having a lunch  go to Kyal Leik Island and La Ngan Island. Third day , after having a breakfast , visit to  Wa-ale Island,and the enjoy the lunch on the cruise boat. We will continue to Lampi Island and Ma Kyone Galat village.Fourth day, we will continue to Kha Yin Kwa Island and Cock Comb Island.The Last day , after having breakfast and then we will visit Kawthaung sight seeing. In the afternoon come back from Kawthaung to Myeik.

Price ( 6 pax Package)

Locals         – 1000000 Ks

Foreigners   –  1000 USD (half Price for 4year to under 12years old)

What to bring?

Sun glasses ၊ Sun Cream ၊ Hat ၊ Camera ၊ Swimming Suit ၊ T-shirt ၊ Towels


  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Fresh water, Fresh fruit and Juices
  • Snorkeling equipment, Life jackets, Kayaks
  • All guided experiences
  • Insurance (We provide life insurance for all travelers.)


  • Places not included in the package and services
  • Other alcohol drinks and beers
  •  Air tickets
  • Hotel

Please note :  According to ministry of hotel and tourism, will pay overnight zone fee for foreigners. The program may change depending on tides and weather conditions.