Do & don’t for tourists


  • Bring your Camera + Batteries
  • Bring a Waterproof Bag
  • Bring your own Medicines, especially motions sickness pills if you think you will need them
  • Bring Swimming Suit – you won’t be able to buy on the islands
  • Wear pants and something to cover your shoulders when we visiting island communities
  • Bring environmentally friendly Soap/ Shampoo and Sun Screen


  • Don’t litter – never, under any circumstance. (No plastic items, tissues, batteries, cans, cigarettes)
  • Don’t collect natural resources – seashells, corals, pebbles, stones, wildlife.
  • Don’t touch or threaten any wildlife without reason.
  • Don’t take photos of local people without their consent, and always make sure they are entirely comfortable with it before taking the picture
  • Don’t order to cruise dangerous/unsafe areas without boat captain’s consent.
  • Don’t wander around without your tour guide and out of permitted areas while  swimming/snorkeling.