• Manaw Festival in Myitkyina
  • Ananda Temple Festival in Bagan
  • Naga New Year Festival
  • Mahamuni Pagoda Festival


  • Ta boung Festival


  • Thingyan (Water) Festival & Myanmar New Year

Kason Bo Tree Watering Festival (Countrywide)

  • The month Kason usually falls on May of the English calendar. ... The seasonal flower is Sagar and this festival is water pouring ceremony at the maha-Bodhi tree. The holy Banyan tree at the foot of which the Buddha attained Buddhahood or enlightenment.


  • Taung Pyone Festival


  • Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival in Inle


  • The Thadingyut Festival or Festiva


  • Hot Air Balloon Festival in Taunggyi
  • Tazaung-daing or Festival of Lights
  • Robe-weaving Contest in Shwedagon Pagoda
  • Shwezigon Pagoda Festival in Bagan

Thingyan (Water) Festival & Myanmar New Year

  • Place : THINGYAN is celebrated throughout the country, the ‘biggest’ action is in Myanmar
  • Time : About 13th - 16th April 2018, 17th April 2018 (Myanmar New Year Day)
  • Duration: The Water Festival lasts four, or occasionally five days.
  • Description : During the Water Festival, young people splash water at one another to wash away sins and to have a good time flirting and drinking, while older people retreat to the monasteries and observe the eight precepts including fasting after noon.

The Thadingyut Festival or Festival of Lights

  • Place : Throughout Myanmar
  • Time : About 4th - 6th October in the year
  • Duration : 3 days
  • To mark the end of the Buddhist Lent, and is also one of the most prominent festivals of the year. Pagodas, houses, public buildings, parks, and monuments are all illuminated and there are various kinds of activities for everyone to enjoy. Thadingyut is not only for joyous but also thanksgiving and paying homage to Buddhist monks, teachers, parents and elders, and asking pardon for whatever misdeeds might have committed during the year.

Tazaung-daing or Festival of Lights

  • Place : Throughout the country
  • Time : About 3rd November of the year
  • Duration : 1 days
  • Having fine weather and clear sky, and having the first crop harvested, Myanmar celebrate the night with various kinds of illuminations. Treasure hunts (pant-tha-ku) are organized for the children and donors hide and hand out money, sweets and presents.

Tabaung Festival

Tabaung festival is a time of celebration in March being summer after winter season famous festival in March, sand pagoda festival and Tabaung festival. There will be ceremonial offering made to 28 different Statutes of Buddha, colorful cultural events and people will knowing the time of Shwedagon Pagoda Festival is the biggest one of the Year in all Myanmar. Similar pagoda festival held around the country. All Buddhist are wear traditional Clothes and celebration on full moon day of Tabaung.