Thameehla Beach - Marcus Island - Linn Lonn Island - Thaung Kan Aww Island - Smart Island - Bailey Island - Dana Theik Di Island - Kyal Leik Island - Done Nyaung Mine Village - Done Waterfall - Kyune Pone Island

MD - 4001 (5 Days 4 Nights)

By Cruise

Day (1) – Thameehla Beach – Marcus Island

Day (2) – Linn Loon Island – Thaung Kan Aww Beach

Day (3) – Smart Island – Bailey Island

Day (4) – Dana Theik Di Island – Kyal Leik Island

Day (5) – Kyune Pone Island – Done Nyaung Mine Village – Done Waterfall


Day (1)

(1) Thameehla Beach

  • The Island’s main beach is a white – sanded, charming little beach that offers fantastic snorkeling and relaxation. There are no restaurants or bars, just nature.

(2) Marcus Island

  • The first famous island in myeik. Kayaking, Snorkeling, Sunbathing are activities on the Marcus Island which can get the best appreciations for the tourists.

Figure (1) : Thameehla Beach , Marcus Island

Day (2)

(1) Kyune Pone Island

  • We can do swimming and take a rest on the beach.

(2) Linn Loon Beach

  • Linn Loon Beach is a fascinating island situated in a bay north of Thayawthadangyi Island. It is a very good place for kayaking, wildlife sportting but also hiking and interacting with local villagers.

(3) Thaung Kan Aww Beach

  • It has white sandy and long beach. We can happy along the beach beautifully.

Figure (2) : Thaung Kan Aww Beach

Day (3)

(1)Smart Island

  • It has White Sandy beach and stone beach which the tourists can get two appreciations for the tourists. Sun-bathing, Snorkeling and Kayaking are activities on the island.

(2) Bailey Island

  • It is beautiful island and good for snorkeling.

Figure (3) : Smart Island , Bailey Island

Day (4)

(1) Dana Theik Di Island

  • Snorkeling under clear water, beautiful natural resources and colorful coral reefs are on the Dana Theik Di Island.

(2) Kyal Leik Island

  • Many Snorkeling sites,we can enjoy many beautiful coral reefs under fresh clear water and kayaking , Swimming and sunbathing are valuable activities on the Kyal Leik Island.

Figure (4) : Kyal Leik Island , Dana Theik Di Island

Day (5)

(2) Done Nyaung Mine Villae

  • We can explore the traditional cultures of Mokens on there.

(3) Done Waterfall

  • The water on rock directly flows to the sea. It likes the lake. Seeing natural resources and taking beautiful photos are activities on this waterfall.

Figure (5) : Done Nyaung Mine Village , Done Waterfall


At (7:30) A.M, our regional tour guide will picks you up from hotel to jetty. At (8:00) A.M the island trip will start. First we visit to Thameehla Beach. Lunch and dinner on Marcus Island with delicious fresh sea foods, relaxing , overnight on Marcus Island. After having breakfast, second day will start to Linn Lonn Beach, relaxing and lunch on the island with delicious sea foods and depart to beautiful Thaung Kan Aww Beach for relax with feeling natural view and resources and sunset, dinner and overnight on this beach. Third day morning, after breakfast continues to Smart Island,relaxing and feel free with snorkeling and go to Bailey Island for snorkeling and relaxing, Lunch with fresh sea foods on the island, dinner and overnight on the Kyal Leik Island. At fourth day, while having breakfast we continue to beautiful Dana Theikdi Island for relax with feeling natural view and resources. We can make many activity and Lunch and dinner on this island. The final day of our trip , while having Breakfast, visit to Kyune Pone Island. And then lunch on Done Nyaung Mine Village with fresh sea foods,relaxing and then continue to Done Waterfall. Return back to myeik with sunset view onboard, Transfer back to your hotel.

Price ( 6 pax Package)

Locals           –700,000 Ks

Foreigners    –700 USD (half Price for 4year to under 10years old)

What to bring?

Sun glasses ၊ Sun Cream ၊ Hat ၊ Camera ၊ Swimming Suit ၊ T-shirt ၊ Towels


  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Fresh water, Fresh fruit and Juices
  • Snorkeling equipment, Life jackets, Kayaks
  • All guided experiences
  • Insurance (We provide life insurance for all travelers.)


  • Places not included in the package and services
  • Other alcohol drinks and beers
  •  Air tickets
  • Hotel

Please note :  According to ministry of hotel and tourism, will pay overnight zone fee for foreigners. The program may change depending on tides and weather conditions.