Mergui Dolphin Fighter 2 Speed Boat

Mergui Dolphin Fighter 2 Speed Boat is a fast brand new life speed boat which can accommodate maximum 15 passengers. The beautiful surrounding nature and beaches can be enjoy from the speed boat. She has one guest hall. Moreover, it is equipped with medicine box, life jackets, snorkeling gear and children’s life jackets. The staff will assist you in the best of ways, offering you cold drinks and fruit, always assuring that you feel safe and comfortable.

Boat Charter Fee

Mergui Dolphin Fighter 1 Speed Boat Charter Per Day
1 to 15 person 900,000 ks


Length 8 m
Height 1.275 m
Wide 2.36 m
Engine Mercury (4) Stoke , 150 HP (2) , Petrol (500litters) , Water (150 litters)
MPH Min 35/hr , Max 40/hr
Person 15pax
Including Service Snorkeling Equipment, Telescope, Medicine Box , Toilet, Life Jacket , Kid’s life Jacket , Float , GPS, Icon, CDMA