Myeik Attractions

(1) Historic Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda

Thein Daw Gyi pagoda was situated over (280) years since Myanmar year (1093). We can play the historical Thailand pagoda, Buddha culture museum, Buddha Library and preach abode. And then we can enjoy sunset, natural overview of Myeik and we can play Marhar Atula Yanthi from Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda.

(2) Historic Paw Taw Mu Pagoda

Paw Taw Mu pagoda was situated about over (2500) years ago. Due to the King Alaungmintayar was reformed in Myanmar year (1093). Now we can play as historical pagoda. We can see the Golf-club and natural beauty on the Paw Taw Mu pagoda. Winding the whole day on Paw Taw Mu pagoda is amazing.

(3) Phayar Gyi Street

Because of having many ancient pagodas along the street, we named Phayar Gyi Street. We can reverend play ancient monastery and pagodas.

(4) Wooden Dockyard

Dockyard is the attracting place of Myeik where the fishing boats and boats are building. Most boats are built by wood.

(5) Natural Bird’s Nest

Natural bird nets are located on Kanar Road, Myeik since over about (50) years ago. Birds are built their nets 3times in a year. The wastes of birds are applied as fertilizer.

(6) Cashew- nuts Processing

Cashew-nuts are the products of Myeik. Cashew-nuts are getting freshly in winter and summer but they were stored in bungalow in rainy season. They were clean step by step and we can get fresh cashew-nuts in finally. They are separated as (4) kinds. 

(7) Candles Processing


(8) Brooms Processing

(9) Pearl Shop


(10) Soft Shell Crabs Farming


(11) Mauric Collis House

Mauric Collis House was the historic colonial building of Myeik.

(12) One Stop Shop

(13) The dyed place of Myeik District Governor Linn pin Htatetin Dway.