About Mergui

          Mergui was established in AD 1533 as Mariek by king of Thailand. It also called Myin Chi Tai. It situated in Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar. It located in 12 ံ26’N 98  ံ36’E / 12 .433  ံN 98  .600  ံ E and it comprise with 34 Quarters. Not only fishing but also rubbers, betel-nuts, pearl, rice and bird nets are the main products. It has hot and cold weather and (200) rainfall annually. It is the region of evergreen and it own more than (800) beautiful islands. Because of Myeik was the middle of Mergui Archipelago, it was the most interesting places for Marine tourists.  Because Myeik has not the problem of religious and it possessive the unspoiled nature, Myeik is the most interesting places among local and foreigner since 1997.

How to get Myeik?

First, we will try to get Myeik. Myeik can reach by car or by flight. There are many domestic high-way bus and flights are available to get Myeik. Simple bus cost about 23500 MMK and VIP bus is 33500 MMK. As Flight, Myanmar National Airline and FMI Airline are available. The prices of air tickets are not sure. When you arrive Myeik, you can visit Mergui Archipelago by Cruise or by Speed Boat.

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